As a professional snowfighter, you are on the front lines in the war on snow and ice, battling the unpredictability of wintry weather to keep roads open and safe for motorists. The work you do not only prevents injuries and deaths, it keeps the economy moving. Thank you!

You do your job and do it well, but here are seven suggestions to communicate your passion for safe winter roads to others:

  1. Persuade public officials to fully fund essential winter road maintenance — including the advance purchase and safe storage of road salt — by pointing out the risks to safety, the local economy and reelection.
  2. Remind elected officials, with cautionary examples from other communities, that voters expect cleared, open and safe winter roads, even when snowstorms hit areas outside the historical snow belt.
  3. Show local media, elected officials and civic groups how you practice “sensible salting” and other environmentally sensitive practices that do not compromise on safety.
  4. The Safe and Sustainable Salt Storage Handbook is an excellent source for information about the need for salt storage, how to make a practical plan and creating a structure and a program.
  5. Share resources on this site, especially The Winter Roads Highway Safety brochure.
  6. Stay informed and interact with others who share your passion. “Like” Safe Winter Roads on Facebook. “Follow” Safe Winter Roads on Twitter.
  7. Subscribe to the Salt Institute’s Salt and Deicing newsletter.
  8. Join the American Public Works Association and attend its annual snowfighters conference.

How road salt works
Anti-icing, applying salt before snow falls and ice forms.


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